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Genesis Apprentice Program (Herein referred to as G.A.P)

Volunteers who serve to carry out the mission and vision of the Genesis Apprentice Program are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards, always act in the best interest of the organization, and comply with all applicable local, state, federal and country laws and regulations. The standards that pertain to volunteers are consistent with the standards that apply to the employed team member staff.
Genesis Apprentice Program Mission and Vision First Principle – The G.A.P Volunteer Program is built on the values that embrace mission first, doing the right thing, respect, excellence, and team member unity through selfless acts of service to those who are in need. While serving, all staff and volunteers will focus with a collaborative effort to make a lasting impact. Volunteers and staff should look to the organization’s core values to guide their behavior and implementation of duties.

Gifts, Fees, and Gratuities

The Genesis Apprentice Program service should provide support to the organization’s mission and goals, give personal enrichment, and personal satisfaction to the volunteer. Volunteers may not accept any gifts, fees or gratuities for themselves or for any member of their immediate family, friends or household in connection with their G.A.P program. Volunteers are prohibited from accepting gift cards as tokens of appreciation from any source, including the G.A.P, in connection with their service as a G.A.P volunteer. If volunteers have questions about items given to them by a visitor, the public, or others as a result of their volunteer activity, they should immediately consult the G.A.P Executive Staff for guidance.


Because of the special character of the G.A.P and access to its facilities, programs, donors, and constituents, volunteers are required to respect the confidentiality of their positions and any confidential information to which they may have access by virtue of their positions as G.A.P volunteers. Volunteers may not disclose any confidential information to anyone at any time not authorized to receive such information or to use any such information without the express written consent of the G.A.P Executive Staff. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to: internal communications; information about and communications with G.A.P employees and volunteers, including emails; G.A.P business plans; contributor lists; mailing lists; volunteer lists and personal contact information on volunteers; marketing materials; information about parties having business dealings with the G.A.P; personal information on members of the G.A.P program and their families utilizing the G.A.P’s programs, services and facilities; and personal information on staff members.

Financial Benefit

Volunteers, including immediate family or household members, must not benefit financially or commercially as a result of the volunteer’s status with them. Volunteers may not promote any personal business ventures as a result of their volunteer activities. Volunteers should always act in the best interest of the G.A.P and refrain from taking any action or making statements intended to influence the conduct of the G.A.P to the financial benefit of any person, corporation or entity which the volunteer has significant interest or affiliation. This includes attempting to influence legislation, laws, judicial opinions or similar activities.

G.A.P Mission Ambassadors

As ambassadors of the G.A.P, volunteers must guard the reputation of the organization with the utmost diligence and focus. Through their words, actions, dress, and demeanor, volunteers are expected to portray a positive image of the G.A.P at all times and to address issues and solve problems with respect and thoughtfulness. All interactions with attending members, their families, and other G.A.P constituencies must portray the G.A.P at the highest level of professionalism and integrity always.

Representing the G.A.P publicly is to be deferred to the G.A.P Media Representatives

Volunteers are prohibited from giving interviews, providing information to, or conveying the appearance that they have the authority to obligate the G.A.P either through written or oral communications, to the media, legislators, social media, or public outlets concerning the G.A.P or any of its programs, without the express written consent from G.A.P management. All media inquiries should be referred to the Center Manager and G.A.P Media Relations. Volunteers that assist G.A.P programs with their websites or social media are expected to follow the G.A.P ’s Style Guide. Volunteers must be mindful of how they represent the G.A.P via their internet accounts, personal social networking and other forms of public interaction to maintain the integrity of the G.A.P. Volunteers should never post pictures or information about attendees without prior written consent. Volunteers must refrain from wearing G.A.P branded materials at political events, public protests, rallies, or other public venues or media events where they are not officially serving as G.A.P volunteers.

The G.A.P Brand

The G.A.P is trademarked. Volunteers have an obligation to guard the G.A.P brand with integrity and therefore may not use the G.A.P ’s name, logo, endorsement, services, or property for their personal advantage or for the benefit of others without the express written consent of the G.A.P. This includes displaying the G.A.P logo at events not officially sanctioned by the G.A.P. Volunteers that assist G.A.P centers with the creation of branded materials are expected to follow the G.A.P ’s Style Guide, and all documents, social posts, and public notices of any kind must be reviewed and approved by G.A.P staff.

Promoting Personal Views & Opinions

The G.A.P is a nonpartisan organization and serves people from a broad range of political and personal beliefs and backgrounds. Volunteers must be respectful of the beliefs of the people served by the G.A.P and must refrain from promoting partisan politics, religious beliefs or views.
Tax Exemption exempt organization, the G.A.P is prohibited by federal law from participating in any political campaign activities. In addition, G.A.P policy prohibits volunteers – while volunteering at official G.A.P activities or events – from discussing any political issues (including, without limitation, candidates, parties, or policy positions), and from wearing candidate or party buttons, or other political paraphernalia.

Conflicts of Interest

To maintain the highest ethical standards, actual or apparent conflicts of interest must be avoided. Volunteers are required to immediately disclose to the G.A.P any personal or financial interests that may be at odds with the organization’s best interests. Failure to inform G.A.P staff of a real or potential conflict of interest may result in immediate disciplinary action or dismissal from the volunteer program. Respectful resolution of concerns – Volunteers are encouraged to work respectfully and professionally with colleagues and their supervisors to give suggestions, improve processes, promote ethical conduct, and report unsafe, unacceptable, or illegal practices without fear of retaliation. Should an issue arise which could compromise the volunteer’s ethical and moral standards, or because of the actions of immediate or family household members, or create the appearance of moral conflict, the volunteer should immediately seek guidance and clarification from his or her G.A.P Executive Team.

Last Updated: This Policy was last updated on Thu Jun 28 2018.